Furniture of the American West

Carefully designed, skillfully assembled, and masterfully finished.


Inspired by the idea of building a timeless, elegant and classic line of hand-tooled leather furnishings, Philip P. Smith, III established Steel Strike Leather Products, Inc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1989. A line of furnishings that glorifies the American West. A masterful blend of cowboy and Indian, European and lodge, which we refer as “Cattle Baron.” A lifestyle pioneered by our passion for freedom, molded by the unforgiving nature of our rugged Rocky Mountains, yet refined by the elegance of our European past.

Made In America

Our line of furnishings is dedicated to preserving a proud yet elegant way of life. To us, “Made in America” means built to reflect the passion, quality and grace by which we live, for generations to come.

Steel Strike is a collection and collaboration of master craftsmen, all sharing their knowledge to create elegant pieces of artwork. Each piece is carefully designed, skillfully assembled, and masterfully finished using only the finest materials available.

Our History

In 1999, Steel Strike moved to Buena Vista, Colorado, where we built a larger manufacturing facility and gallery. In 2006, Steel Strike designed and built a showroom in The Denver Merchandise Mart where we joined forces with Western Heritage Furniture of Jerome, Arizona. In keeping with our history, we called it “The Cattle Baron Collection.” Steel Strike continues to grow in partnership with Western Heritage Furniture by creating a new line of furniture, also titled “The Cattle Baron Collection.” A true blend of assets from both companies. The reclaimed barn wood and Iron from WHF, with the leather tooling from Steel Strike. A combination we feel is a natural marriage.

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